Product Update July 2020 Part 1

Posted by Angelo Sparacio on

We know that you all would like to know when our new products will arrive but due to the current situation, we also have no real dates when our products will be in stock. We try to keep you up to date via Discord and answer your questions as fast as possible.

Here is the current status:

We restocked:

  • Stabilizer
  • Keyboard Aircleaner V2
  • Switches
  • Stem Holder

We will restock in the next weeks:

  • Gateron Switches
  • Brushes
  • Tofu 60%
  • Cat's Paw Keycaps
  • TX Springs
  • TX Switch Films
  • ...

And for sure we still have a lot of new products incoming:

  • Switch Openers
  • Lubing Stations
  • Desk Mats
  • More Switches
  • More Keycap Sets
  • ...

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