60% TOFU Case - Walnut O-Ring Mount

€ 40

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60% TOFU Case - Walnut O-Ring Mount

  • 60% TOFU Case
  • Compatible with most 60% PCBs
  • 7° Angle
  • Only retained four screw posts and one threaded hole to make the PCB more elastic

This offer only includes:

  • Case x1
  • Standoffs x4
  • O-ring screw gaskets x8 
  • Scerws and rubber feet

All other items shown in the picture are for the design purposes of the picture and not included in the offer. No Plate and PCB included!

To build a complete Mechanical Keyboard you can find all other products in our store.

  • PCB
  • Plate
  • Switches
  • Stabilizer
  • ....