B-Stock DUROCK Koala 67g / 10pcs

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DUROCK Koala 67g / 10pcs

These B-Stock Switches are from a batch that had issues with the leaf. Not all switches are affected but can be. They will be sold for 50% of the original pricing and can not be returned. They are perfect to harvest springs or use parts of them for Frankenstein Switches. 

The DUROCK Koala Switch is a PCB Mount Switch, these 5 pin switches are also able to be used in plate mounted keyboards by simply cut the 2 small plastic pins off.

  • Gold-Plated Spring 67g Bottom Out
  • T1 Switch Style - Tactile
  • | 4mm Travel | 2mm Operating |
  • Tactile Method: Metal Leaf (Gold-plated)
  • 50 million operations Click life
  • Available LED styles - SMD and through-hole

Materials: PC Top Housing, Nylon PA Bottom Housing, POM Stem

Sold in a pack of 10pcs. No metal vase included.