Group-Buy - Block-67 R2

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Block-67 is an affordable and improved CNC Bakeneko65 by ENG Studio. The improvements range from the sound-optimized internal dimensions to the multi-layout hot-swap PCB and the 17mm low front height. The included aluminum plate has cut-outs that make it screw-in stabilizer compatible. Block-67’s uniform 7mm bezels and sharp corners give it a nice blocky look. 


Starting: Saturday 28th May 2022

Ending: Tuesday 4th July 2022

Estimated Shipping: Q4 2022 



  • Anodized CNC 6061 Aluminum case
  • 17 mm front height
  • 7-degree typing angle
  • Multi-layout hot-swap PCB
  • O-ring gasket mount
  • QMK & VIA support
  • More Pictures:



  • Case colors: Black, Red, Navy, Rose Gold, Lavender, Grey, E-White


Included in the Kit:

  • Block-67 CNC aluminum case
  • Multi-layout hot-swap PCB
  • Aluminum plate
  • Daughterboard and JST cable
  • Universal 8mm rubber feet
  • 55A O-ring


PCB Compatibility:

  • ANSI and ISO
  • Standard and 7u bottom row
  • Regular and split backspace
  • Regular and stepped caps lock



Extra multi-layout hot-swap PCBs for Block-67 


  • ANSI and ISO
  • Standard and 7u bottom row
  • Regular and split backspace
  • Regular and stepped caps lock


30A O-ring:

Softer O-ring than the included one. It should provide a bouncier typing experience


55A O-ring:

This is identical to the included O-ring.



USB-C daughterboard kit that can be used as a backup for all your compatible boards. Includes daughterboard, JST cable, and screws.


Foam Kit:

Plate and case foam pieces. The photo is for reference only as the cutouts are different in production.


Extra plates for Block-67. The kit itself includes an aluminum plate.



CA: Ashkeebs


US: ENG Studio

SEA: Zion Stuidos


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The final product may be different from the rendered photos. There may be a slight variation in color.  

 Only the parts mentioned in the Kits are included. No Stabilizer, Switches or Keycaps.