Group-Buy - CRBN Featherlight 40% Kit


Group-Buy - CRBN Featherlight 40% Kit




Designed by: Kacper Wlodarczyk and Harry Herring

This little 40% ortho punches well above its weight and its price tag. Tough enough to survive life on the go or beating down someone that disses it.

It's got all the configuration options you'd ever want in a 40%. All the components are through-hole so it's a great first keyboard kit to put together.

You will need a pro micro for the PCB which gives you lots of options for extra features. You can solder in an elite c to get USB C or even a nice nano to make it wireless! There's plenty of room between the PCB and the bottom plate for a huge lithium battery.

This would be a vicious travel keyboard, a macro pad for productivity people, the first ortho for people who want to try ortho, or just a cute little keyboard to lend to people when they need one.



  • Only 300g
  • Stacked Carbon fiber switch plate and bottom
  • Support for one rotary encoder - this can be placed in whatever corner is most convenient for you
  • Lots of bottom row layouts
  • QMK Support - Remap each key as you want

The Set includes:

  • 1 x carbon fiber top plate
  • 1 x bottom plate
  • PCB
  • Diodes
  • Reset Button
  • Pro micro headers
  • 3m rubber feet
  • Screws
  • Standoffs


You can decide if you would like to add optional 3d printed feet or not. They cost nothing extra but need to be produced for each order.  If you would like some extra feet please leave us a comment in the field in the checkout section. You can decide between 3, 5, and 7-degree feet. 


You have to solder the switches and diodes on your own! There is no pro microcontroller included!


Group Buy Starts: Monday, October 19th

Group Buy Concludes: Sunday, November 8th or if we reach 100 orders


Estimated Shipping: January 2021

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The final product may be different from the rendered photos. There may be a slight variation in color.  

There are no refunds or cancellations for this order.