Group-Buy "FROST" Keycap Set - Base Kit

€ 85

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Blues and whites reminiscent of an arctic tundra, with striking navy legends. A refreshing mono kit designed by Sailer for Protozoa Studio.


Starting: Friday, 28th May2021

Ending:  Wednesday, 7th July 2021

Estimated Shipping:  Late Q4 2021



  • Profile: Cherry
  • Manufacturer: GeekArk
  • Material: PBT Plastic
  • Manufacturing method: Dyesub
  • Coverage: Standard TKL, 65%, 60%, Tsangan / HHKB, Macro columns, 40's, Alice.



    US: Protozoa
    CAN: AlphaKeys
    UK: Protozoa
    CN: zFrontier
    ASIA: Hex Keyboards
    OCE: Daily Clack


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    Sold in a pack of 1 Base Kit.