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Designed by Tsaastrology -

Tsaastrology is a Filipino podcast show that pretty much talks about tea and astrology. Literally. We love to spill the tea!

“Spill that astrological tea, baby! Tsaastrology deskmats are designed to represent each of the Zodiac signs to make your workstation a little more mystical and sassy. Buy one or buy all, the universe is telling you to do so.”


Starting: Monday, 7th February 2022

Ending:  Monday, 7th March 2022

Shipping:  Q2 2022


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  • 900 x 400 x 4mm
  • Rubber Base
  • Cloth Top
  • Stitched Edge



Canada: Alphakeys
USA: Mechs and CO
China: Zfrontier
Australia: Switchkeys
UK: Prototypist
Japan: Basekeys
India: StacksKB
Malaysia: Justkeys
Singapore: Ilumkb
S.Korea: Monstargear
PH/SEA: Zionstudiosph


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Sold in a pack of one Deskmat.